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Delivery time
 Usually, our delivery time is 5 to 8 days after order confirmed

Payment methods
 Payment by wire transfers(T/T) ,Western Union and L/C would be appreciated

Customizing a lamp
Our products can be made subject to CE, UL, TUV,PSE,SAA standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries.

 All of products,we provide 3 years warranty,at least use 30,000 Hours

LED PL Lights 13 Watt

LED PL Lights 13 Watt

Product Information


Power consumption

13 Watt

Input voltage

AC 80-265V,0.21A



Quantity of LED




Luminous Flux


Main Material




Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Brightness Decay

1%-2% at 1000 hours



Fire rating


Withstand voltage test

input AC of enclosure: 4 kv 3 seconds to 10 ma; Production test with DC: 10 ma 2.5 KV for 3 seconds

Power Factor



>30,000 hours



2.Product Features:
1.Low power consumption: LED lamp 3W brightness quite 25 W incandescent lamp brightness, 5 W brightness quite 40W incandescent lamp brightness.
2. LED light distribution technology to LED bulb expanded to face the light source, increase the shiny surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effect, eliminate visual fatigue;
3. The lens and chimney integration design. Chimney had at the same time focusing and protection, to avoid the repetition of light wasted, make our products more concise and beautiful;
4.Aluminum alloy body and whole mould processing technology, effectively reduce LED in the process of using light failure.
5.Without stroboscopic. Pure dc work, eliminate the traditional stroboscopic light caused visual fatigue; Green environmental protection. Do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment;
6.Impact resistance, resistance to LeiLiJiang, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, does not have a traditional fractured tubes, no harm to human body, no radiation.

3. Light intensity distribution

4.Illuminance diagram



Packing size(mm)



N.W/G.W Kg

Giftbox Demension





Carton Demension





7.Matters needing attention
1.before power up, please confirm the working voltage is correct, and then use the right voltage for power supply products, misconnection voltage products may cause permanent damage. Charging contacts do not use any part of the body after the LED lights cup at the bottom of the live part, otherwise you will have get an electric shock risk.

2.preliminary budget, the quantity of product required, and then according to the budget amount and the rated power of a single product, calculate the total power, and design the distribution plan;

3.in broke open the packing before use, please verify if there is any damage in transit. If there is damaged, please immediately notify the supplier and stop using the damaged products.

Temperature around 4, if the product appear larger fluctuation, don't immediately connected to power supply, the heat generated in the steam may damage the product, be sure to wait until the lamps and lanterns can reach room temperature before using the power supply is connected;

5.before the installation, ensure the installation position can be 10 times the weight of the product. Installed on no vibration, no swing, no fire hazard level ground;

6.this product at work, the light body shell temperature can reach up to 40 ¡æ, should let the lamps and lanterns from equipment sensitive to temperature. Lamps and lanterns for semiconductor lighting products, particularly sensitive to ambient temperature, working environment temperature is higher than 45 ¡æ to be greatly shorten its service life. Reason should keep away from heat source, the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns work environment ventilated breathe freely, to ensure the appropriate environmental temperature. If working environment temperature of lamps and lanterns during usage at 0 ¡æ to 25 ¡æ, its life can be longer;

7, product in use process, in a short period of time often power outages, otherwise easy to burn.

Eight, to ensure that the products are in good condition, and the use of safe, please follow this instruction on the instructions and reminders.