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Delivery time
 Usually, our delivery time is 5 to 8 days after order confirmed

Payment methods
 Payment by wire transfers(T/T) ,Western Union and L/C would be appreciated

Customizing a lamp
Our products can be made subject to CE, UL, TUV,PSE,SAA standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries.

 All of products,we provide 3 years warranty,at least use 30,000 Hours

Why are there more LED high bay lamp use?

In the energy consumption of the factory, lighting energy consumption occupies a certain weight.For example in a 40000 square meters of factory buildings, lighting power load is about 400 kw, therefore, the selection of lighting in the factory, how to realize the energy saving, environmental protection is the factory designers an important topic.Using new LED light source on the basis of lighting lamps and lanterns, in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, it also has a long service life, fast response time, and the advantages of light color pure concentrated light, in recent years, popular with consumers.




Recently we received a glass factory case, one of the factories use 250 w, 160 traditional metal halide lamp, use 12 hours a day, forecast power: 12 h * 160PCS * 250W * RMB 1.2 = 210000 for 365 days, about seven similar plants Glass factory, need to use large precise instrument operation, insufficient light is very easy to cause mechanical injury accident.According to the national safety standards, such plants reach the ground at least to 200 lux lighting, but the traditional metal halide lamp reach the ground only about 100 lux light efficiency, space is large, insufficient light;And the traditional metal halide lamp aging fast, lamps and lanterns replacement maintenance cost is rather high, annual power consumption, and electricity also belong to a big spending.




The following is according to customer requirements, make the lighting plan:

Use 150 w LED high bay lamp replacement, this lamp USES the CREE LED light source, 50000 h lifespan, high brightness, light failure is small, Big current allowance, the chip rated current is 700 ma, we actually use only 300 ma.Light source with LM - 80 certification.

Equipped with Taiwan Ming weft (MW) power supply, the international general full range of input (295 vac);Protection function: short circuit/over current/over voltage, over temperature, impact damage of lamps and lanterns to prevent suddenly loses power production;The built-in function of active power factor correction, when load R 75% PF 0.9;IP66 design.

Energy saving features:

150 w LED high bay lamp brightness is equivalent to 270 w high pressure sodium lamp brightness (including ballast power), power saving rate of more than 45%.

Forecast power: 150 w* 12 h * 160PCS * 360 days * 1.2 = RMB 126,000

Is expected to save: 21-12.6= $84,000 per year


Safety features:


The lighting effect about 95 lm/W, hanging about 12 meters high, the working intensity of illumination in about 245 lux.The light is enough, and the stable performance of lamps and lanterns, 5 years warranty, need not spend time resources maintenance, energy saving and safe day.