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Delivery time
 Usually, our delivery time is 5 to 8 days after order confirmed

Payment methods
 Payment by wire transfers(T/T) ,Western Union and L/C would be appreciated

Customizing a lamp
Our products can be made subject to CE, UL, TUV,PSE,SAA standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries.

 All of products,we provide 3 years warranty,at least use 30,000 Hours

What is Fins?


Fins is a cooling material of aluminum,the most efficient heat sink in the market.




Fins is super cooling effect, effectively reduce the Brightness Decay, prolong the lifespan of lamps . Materials for 1050/1100 high purity aluminum, match with the revolutionary slim fins wind tunnel design.Overall heat dissipation area of more than conventional die-casting aluminum, coefficient of heat transfer is die-casting lamp cup 2 times, 1.5 times that of pure aluminum,is now the most ideal LED lamps cooling solution, also is one of the main development direction in the future of LED lamps of the radiator.




The weight of the fin lighter than conventional die-casting aluminum and lower transport costs.Look beautiful and easy, more high-grade, fine to do a variety of colors and the effect of surface treatment.



High safety coefficient, flexible lamp holder and novel design, with reference to the international standard size and can be a safety certificate, accessories can be flexible collocation, installation is convenient.