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 Usually, our delivery time is 5 to 8 days after order confirmed

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 Payment by wire transfers(T/T) ,Western Union and L/C would be appreciated

Customizing a lamp
Our products can be made subject to CE, UL, TUV,PSE,SAA standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries.

 All of products,we provide 3 years warranty,at least use 30,000 Hours

Samsung make LED "flame" for induction cooker

 Cooker can bring us many benefits, such as more uniform heat distribution, but do not worry touch burns, but the biggest drawback is that the appliance can not see the firepower strength, because when it works does not produce a flame. Now, Samsung uses a new method to solve this problem, the cooker brought some kind of "futuristic" realm. Samsung has launched its "chef's selection" cooker stove products in the European market.

Samsung show off before the General Assembly this product at CES this year. Samsung uses the LED lights to simulate general cooker stove blue flame, LED lights on this cooker display a pleasant blue, lined up around the raised edge of the combustion flame height representative cooker fire size, there are chef and general household help users determine firepower and temperature levels. 

Samsung is now selling on its website this "chef's selection" cooker stove, double stove using total, which in the US market retail price is $ 3,700.