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Delivery time
 Usually, our delivery time is 5 to 8 days after order confirmed

Payment methods
 Payment by wire transfers(T/T) ,Western Union and L/C would be appreciated

Customizing a lamp
Our products can be made subject to CE, UL, TUV,PSE,SAA standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries.

 All of products,we provide 3 years warranty,at least use 30,000 Hours


Brand of LED chips

Brand of Chip has China,Taiwan chip and imported chip chips (including the United States, Japan, Germany chip, etc.),the price difference is very big. Imported chip prices more expensive, the mainly for high-end customers. In the current mid-end customers,general selection is Korean and taiwan chip, is one of the best cost performance


Different brightness have different price. The normal brightness and high brightness LED chips price are big different. Therefore, Purchase must be clearly know you need what kind of brightness, can accurate positioning their products

LED Beam Angle,30,60,120?

 If you are replacing existing halogen downlights, and spacing cannot be changed a beam width of 60 degrees is more than acceptable on 2400mm ceilings. If you are installing LED Lighting during a new house build or renovation, the rule of thumb is that on taller ceilings you use a narrower beam, (30 degrees) and on a lower ceiling or bulkhead use a wider beam (60 or 100 degrees).

The beam should cross at about 1100mm above floor level, for even light distribution. On a globe with a 60 degree beam this would mean an optimum spacing of 1200mm.


 What kind of LED chips do you use for the light?

We use Epistar A+ chips for our customers' choice,bridgelux and cree available for some products

What electrical standards you can make?

We can manufacture LED products subjest to CE, UL, CUL standard to meet the electrical requirements of many countries such as European, North & South America, Australia, Middle East, and Far East Countries.

Do your products have any Warranty?

We assure you that our products are made from high quality materials and workmanship at best prices, you must be satisfied with our products. If they are defective in which case we will replace them free of charge.

Which Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept payment by wire transfers and Western Union. When you place your order, we require a 30% deposit to start preparing production.

When would my goods be shipped if I placed my order?

It depends on the quantity you need and some special needs. Usually, our lead time is 5 to 7 days after order confirmed, and we do best to complete your order within lead time. But sometimes we have delays due to some parts not arriving on time from our suppliers or other reasons. So we recommend you making your order as early as possible if you have decided which models you like or if you are working with a deadline. If your order is ready before delivery date, we can keep it in our warehouse free of charge waiting for shipment.

How are they shipped?

We can do business on the basis of EXW, FOB, CIF term and arrange to ship customers' products by ocean or air all over the world at very economical freight cost. At present, most of our customers are from Australia, Europe and North& South America. If you would like to know the shipping cost, please send us an e-mail with the model number, quantity and address to be shipped at: info@sjled.eu.com, we will reply you with details as soon as possible.

What if my order's damaged when arrived?

We carefully pack the product to prevent damage in transit. Even so, things do sometimes get damaged. If this is the case, please email us as early as possible at salesmanager@sjled.eu, along with some photos of the damage. We will either send you the replacement parts or the complete chandeliers free of charge as soon as possible.

Quality Control

 All materials are use one of the best,in order to guarantee the product at least use 30,000 hours

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